3 Steps for Employee Records Retention

Posted by Tonya Fletcher SPHR, SHRM-SCP on May 19, 2020 8:45:00 AM

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee medical information and confidentiality has become an especially important topic. During the crisis, employers may see employee medical information such as a doctor’s note advising an accommodation for a high-risk employee; an employee request for FFCRA sick leave due to COVID-19 symptoms; or results from an employee’s medical test such as a temperature check before the employee re-enters the workplace.

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New PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and Instructions

Posted by Anna Leo Holder. MBA on May 18, 2020 2:36:41 PM

The Department of the Treasury and the Small Business Administration (SBA) released a new application and instructions for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness on Friday, May 15. The form and instructions aim to streamline the process and reduce the compliance burden for borrower forgiveness at the end of the eight-week covered period, which begins with the disbursement of the loan.

Even with the publication of this document, we expect to receive additional guidance and will share it once it becomes available.

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Topics: Loan forgiveness, PPP loan, SBA

FrankCrum: Helping Companies Navigate Change During COVID-19

Posted by Debbie McKiernan on May 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM

At Kuno Creative, our mission is to help companies we believe in get results. This is the third in a series featuring our clients, their mission and how they’re pivoting their marketing strategy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are experiencing an overwhelming sea of change. At the beginning of 2020, executives showed up to work ready to dive into their normal routines. Managers met to plan for future growth, accounting departments paid bills and issued paychecks and human resources focused on hiring/retention, performance reviews and staff training. Now, in these unchartered waters of the COVID-19 crisis, companies are being forced to simply stay afloat by reducing costs, absorbing lost revenue and cutting jobs during this unprecedented economic downturn. 

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Returning to Work During COVID-19

Posted by Tonya Fletcher SPHR, SHRM-SCP on May 5, 2020 2:11:05 PM

As states and cities start lifting shelter in place and stay at home orders related to COVID-19, employers should have a plan of action for their business. Whether you were an essential employer that remained open or you had to furlough workers and temporarily close your doors, you must acknowledge that the workplace will not be the same as it was pre-pandemic. What should you consider for your plan of action, and what preparations should be made next?

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Furlough vs. Layoff: What's the Difference?

Posted by Tonya Fletcher SPHR, SHRM-SCP on May 1, 2020 1:50:00 PM

The economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the job market, resulting in over 30 million Americans filing for unemployment since President Trump declared a national state of emergency in March.

To stay afloat, companies must cut spending, often reducing payroll costs as one of the measures they decide to implement. Millions of employees have either been laid off or furloughed and forced to navigate the rules of unemployment. But, what's the difference between a furlough and a layoff?

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Topics: furlough, layoff

3 Ways to Save Time & Money on Unemployment Claims with HR Outsourcing

Posted by Tonya Fletcher SPHR, SHRM-SCP on Apr 27, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Unemployment claims can be time-consuming and tedious, especially considering a single claimant can cost a company quite a bit of cash. Many business owners are not equipped to handle unemployment matters for a number of reasons, whether it’s a lack of experience or a lack of staff.

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