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Introducing the FrankTalk Video Series for Business Owners

by FrankCrum on December 17, 2015

FrankTalk_Intro_Image.jpgBusiness owners understand the necessity of having an entrepreneurial spirit. That also means having the courage to pursue opportunity and growth despite the risks involved.

That’s why so many business leaders seek the advice of their peers before making big decisions.

Millions of them have dealt with important challenges like getting started, raising capital, hiring, HR, marketing, and ways to avoid expensive mistakes.  

Our FrankTalk video series will give you access to the insights of your peers -- fellow successful entrepreneurs. We’re producing these videos simply to help you and to fulfill our business mission of “helping business owners be the best they can be.”

In the words of our founder, Frank Crum, Jr., he hopes you have courage and confidence to grow into the business person you want to be.   

Click here to watch an introductory message from Frank about the FrankTalk series. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us and continue the conversation.



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