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The DOL Rule Change is Happening! Here's How to Be Ready [Webinar]

Posted by FrankCrum on Aug 23, 2016 2:32:44 PM

The_DOL_Rule_Change_is_Happening.jpgReady or Not……. employers need to be aware and ready for the new Department of Labor (DOL) rule change which goes into effect December 1, 2016. Under this ruling, the new minimum weekly salary for exempt employees will be $913 per week (or $47,476.00 per year).

This ruling may have some serious impact on the way most employers pay their employees, so it is important to have an understanding of what the ruling requires and to plan now so you are ready. 

The DOL Rule Change is Happening, Ready or Not! Here's How to Be Ready Webinar

In this free webinar you will get all the necessary tools to know how to be prepared. 

Our objective is to: 

  • Explain details of new ruling on exemptions and overtime from DOL
  • Describe the requirements for various exemptions affected by the new ruling including defining terms used
  • What you should do to plan for the changes with your payroll practices and policies
  • What you should do to plan for the changes with your employees


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Topics: Payroll, Webinar


Written by FrankCrum

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