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Importance of a Return to Work Program [Webinar]

by FrankCrum on July 14, 2016

Return_to_Work.jpgA Return to Work (RTW) program is designed to get injured, disabled or temporarily impaired workers back on the job as soon as medically possible.  A RTW program has many great benefits for both you the employer and the employee that include reducing financial impact and improving the injured employee’s recovery progress following an injury. 

Research has also shown that the longer the injured employee is absent from the workplace, the higher the costs will be to the employer and to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  Additional costs include lost productivity, overtime, decreased morale, increased premiums, and the costs of hiring and training a new employee if you must replace the injured employee.

The Importance of a Return to Work Program Webinar

Our webinar presented by the Frank Winston Crum Insurance team will explain the benefits of implementing a RTW program in your business and the responsibilities of you the employer. 

Watch our webinar to learn the following:

  • How a RTW program can manage costs
  • How a RTW program can improve an injured employee’s recovery
  • Elements and practices
  • Examples on how a RTW program may work for your business 

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