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Turning Risk Control Into Risk Management Savings [Webinar]

by FrankCrum on October 17, 2016


As an employer it's not what you say your employees should do to prevent injuries; it's the “culture” behind how you enforce those rules that sets the bar for your employees’ actions to prevent them. 

Nationwide, more than 3 million workplace injuries occur each year, costing U.S. businesses, injured workers and their families over $250 billion annually. One injury can have a lasting financial impact on both a business and your employee.  

Turning Risk Control Into Risk Management Savings Webinar 

In this informative free webinar where we will review how your company culture can impact your profits as well as identifying what “hidden” costs are associated with a workers’ compensation claim. We will also provide a step-by-step process on what can/should be done to minimize potential claim costs:  

  1. Before a claim incident occurs
  2. While a claim incident is being attended to
  3. After an incident occurs

Watch Turning Risk Control Into Risk Management Savings



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