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Cultivating Leadership for Business Success [Webinar]

by FrankCrum on April 19, 2016


How to be a Good Leader Webinar

Think of what makes a great leader... how would you describe him or her? (Hint: it doesn't mean being bossy or micromanaging--it's all about advancing a team’s ability to improve the business.) 

It’s interesting to ponder who the leaders are in your company vs. people who manage “work.” You may quickly assume that leadership is limited to those at the top of the org chart.

Or if your business is small and busy, you may think that leadership is a luxury you can’t afford because there is simply too much “work” to manage.Leadership is a vital component of any team management role, because it’s about inspiring and encouraging excellence within and across work teams.

Anyone who can influence the team or multiple teams, can exhibit leadership... or not. Great leadership can yield innovation and higher productivity, and that’s good for business.    

So as a business owner, how can you exhibit better leadership, and cultivate those qualities in your management?   

Cultivating Leadership Webinar

Our webinar covers ways to create great leadership to advance your business, increase employee satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

Watch our webinar to learn the following:

  • The 5 major components of a management role
  • Ways managers can lead employees to excellence
  • HR factors to consider to align an organization for excellence

Leadership Tips Webinar


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