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What is HR Administration Costing You? (Infographic)

Sarah Tupper
by Sarah Tupper on March 19, 2015

Thousands of companies have discovered that outsourcing their HR functions to a PEO gives them access to big company benefits, resources and expertise that are usually only available to large companies.

Small and medium size companies typically incur more cost per employee than larger companies on HR administration and compliance. That’s primarily because of economies of scale. Large companies can spread the cost of HR administration and compliance across a larger pool of employees, plus they have specialized resources to implement sound HR policies and safe working practices.

This infographic will explain what time and money is costing small business owners who do not outsource their HR functions.


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Sarah Tupper
Sarah Tupper

Sarah Tupper, Vice President of Direct Sales, leads the Direct Sales team at FrankCrum with a unique blend of experience in sales, corporate training and motivational speaking. Prior to FrankCrum, Sarah was a corporate trainer for 13 years.