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To Ask, or Not to Ask? The Best Interview Questions [Infographic]

by FrankCrum on March 16, 2017

Interview-Graphic.pngBeing a great interviewer involves more than just learning about a potential candidate’s skills and personality traits. It’s about asking the right interview questions, in the right way, without being discriminatory, because saying the wrong thing could get you into trouble.

Without realizing it, you could be steering the conversation in an inappropriate way, or even illegally asking for information. Something as simple as inquiring about a person’s age, or whether they’re married, could lead to discrimination accusations.

To help you navigate this sometimes tricky part of the hiring process, we’ve created an infographic to help you determine the best interview questions, and those that may be considered discriminatory interview questions.What Interviewers Need to Know Infographic

Are you asking illegal interview questions?

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