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What Happens if I Hire The Wrong Person?

by FrankCrum on February 25, 2016


What Happens if I Hire the Wrong Person

The following is an excerpt from our latest guide, "A Business Owner's Guide to HR: Is There a Better Way?"

We’ve all made hiring mistakes! When problems occur, they can be identified in one or more of three areas: performance, attendance or conduct; and corrective action should create immediate, consistent and significant changes.

One of the most important things a supervisor or manager can do is to document the file — unemployment insurance rates may increase if you can’t back up the termination and the disgruntled employee wins.

Depending on the severity of the problem, corrective actions may start with a sit-down conversation, followed by coaching and, if the situation continues, a written warning. Always have a written record of these steps and ensure that the employee understands why he/she is being counseled, what they must do and any consequences for not correcting the activity.

A Business Owner's Guide to HR


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