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What's the Best Way to Handle Payroll and Payroll Reporting?

by FrankCrum on June 2, 2016

 Payroll and payroll reportingThe following is an excerpt from our latest guide, "A Business Owner's Guide to HR: Is There a Better Way?"

Payroll is the HR area that affects both employee and employer most directly. However, payroll processing can be a time consuming and even complex responsibility; and payroll taxes and reporting can bring significant compliance and risk challenges.Following are some of the issues you should be concerned with – all of which are areas a PEO such as FrankCrum is well equipped to manage:

  • Online payroll systems for employer and employee with secure online portal
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • New hire input and reporting
  • Employment tax credit services
  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Complex and multi-state payrolls
  • Overtime
  • Holiday pay
  • Tips and wages
  • Per diems/non-taxable reimbursements
  • Wage garnishments

A Business Owner's Guide to HR


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