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Workers' Compensation

[Video] Why Would A Small Business Owner Need Workers' Comp?

Sarah Tupper
by Sarah Tupper on September 29, 2015

Do you think you're saving money by not having Workers' Compensation insurance? Think you're "too small" of a business? Think again. By opting out of Workers' Comp, you could be paying a large amount in comparison to pennies on the dollar in the event of an injury.

Sarah Tupper, Vice President of Sales, talks about what happens if you are an employer that does not offer Workers' Comp insurance. 

In this video, you will learn: 

  • A valuable story regarding a small business
  • Why every business needs Workers' Comp insurance
  • How much medical bills can set you back without Workers' Comp
  • What can stack up on top of medical expenses
  • Why you shouldn't put your business and family at risk

While you are able to opt out of Workers' Comp, it's up to you as a small business owner to preserve your finances if an injury occurs. Why wouldn't you, for pennies on the dollar, cover yourself and your business against claims? Consider contacting a PEO for a no-obligation quote for Workers' Comp rates-- you'll be surprised at how affordable it is.

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Sarah Tupper
Sarah Tupper

Sarah Tupper, Vice President of Direct Sales, leads the Direct Sales team at FrankCrum with a unique blend of experience in sales, corporate training and motivational speaking. Prior to FrankCrum, Sarah was a corporate trainer for 13 years.