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Fourth of July Office Fun

Angie Garcia
by Angie Garcia on June 27, 2012

Forth of July Office PartyThe celebration of the birth of our country is right around the corner, this is undoubtedly the reason everyone gets so excited for the big day. Now let’s be realistic. The fourth of July is exciting because it represents a day of fun, family, and friends. It’s a week everyone around the office seems a bit more chipper than usual. Thinking about having a small celebration at the office? Below are ways you can have a great time and boost morale while allowing the rest of the day to be productive!

Food and Beverage

Forth of July Office Party1What is a great get together without an abundance of food and beverages (non-alcoholic of course)? There are several ways to go about planning which type of party you would like. One option is to hire a catering company to take care of all the details. Since this is their specialty chances are your event will be very professional and not to mention delicious!

Don’t feel like you have the budget to hire a caterer? Don’t worry you can still pull off a great time! A money saving option is a potluck/buffet style theme. This allows everyone to get involved and excited about the event. Employees will be able to showcase their individuality through different styles of cooking. A potluck ensures there will be enough to go around and encourages employee bonding which always leads to better company chemistry.

Fun tip: At each company event set out a bowl and encourage each everyone bring a copy of their recipe to drop in. At the end of the year put together a recipe book for each employee to enjoy!


I think it’s safe to say you won’t need to stress out too much on what style and color scheme to choose. As long as you can find some red, white and blue you’re good to go! The fourth of July offers a lot of versatility because you can do it big, or keep it simple. There are many options and ideas to choose from. Some simple touches such as this are inexpensive and provide a great theme.

Forth of July Office Party2

Don’t hesitate to celebrate at the office, there are many benefits of bringing all your employees together in a cheerful environment. With so many options and ideas available all over the web you will surely find something right for you. Happy Fourth of July and have a great time at your office get together!

Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing for FrankCrum, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations. She manages marketing across all the FrankCrum companies. Angie enjoys boating, cooking and she especially loves being a mom.