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The Benefits of Having an Online Human Resource Platform (HRIS)

Tami Collinsworth
by Tami Collinsworth on April 8, 2015
The Benefits of Having an Online Human Resource Platform (HRIS)

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a valuable platform that can benefit businesses of all sizes. HRIS systems enable employees, managers, owners and HR personnel to conduct vital HR activities electronically, saving time and resources to improve overall productivity. Some of the services that an HRIS platform can provide are:

  • Management of all employee information, including payroll reports, Paid Time Off requests and balances, W2’s, pay statements and much more
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of employee information
  • Resource library for documents such as employee handbooks, safety guides and ect.
  • Benefits administration, including enrollment, status changes and updating personal information

Highlighted below are 6 benefits of an online human resource platform:

  1. Access at your Fingertips Anywhere, Anytime – An HRIS platform offers you and your employees the flexibility of accessing information after business hours, from home or cell phone as long as the computer or device is properly authorized.
  2. All Your Information is in One Central Place - No more digging through files and folders. Your shared information is readily available for both employers and employees in one location.
  3. Reduce Human Error- Unintentional miscalculations and data errors from manual entry can become costly mistakes. Implementing an HRIS platform will help in preventing tax risks, financial errors, general compliance issues and other human errors.
  4. Advance Data Security - With password protection and advance data securities, all information is traceable and personal information is kept safe.
  5. Communicate More Effectively- An HRIS platform strengthens collaboration and keeps communication open. Your employees can become more engaged and connected through newsletters and alerts.
  6. Eliminate Majority of HR Paperwork - Many organizations today are looking for ways to “Go Green.” Implementing this platform will help reduce almost all of the paperwork associated with HR tasks.

With a PEO, an HRIS system is usually included with contracted services. Occasionally, employers prefer not to adopt an online system, and FrankCrum is happy to accommodate all client preferences to strike the best balance between technology tools and people resources.

Contact us today to request more information about FrankCrum’s HRIS self-service platform!


Tami Collinsworth
Tami Collinsworth

Tami Collinsworth, Client Enrollment Manager for FrankCrum, has over 10 years of sales and account management experience. She leads the enrollment team for new account activation and helps business owners get acquainted with the full array of services that FrankCrum offers. Tami enjoys watching hockey (especially the Tampa Bay Lighting), and she has recently started running 5k’s. She loves spending quality time with her children.