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Confidence. Practice Makes Perfect

Angie Garcia
by Angie Garcia on June 13, 2012

be-youWell-spoken, immensely driven, highly respected, and easy to talk to... we all know them. To most they are the successful and likable people we want to be around. They don’t seem real. There is only one logical conclusion, we tell ourselves…they were born with the right skills and traits, and it comes naturally. But before you get discouraged, keep in mind that with a little bit of practice- this could be you too. It’s actually easier than you think.

Successful, likable people have a valuable and common component to their personalities: confidence. Everything they do exudes confidence. Confidence comes more naturally for some than others, but even for the shyest individuals there are ways to practice stepping out of your shell. Start to work from the inside out. “No one can love you if you don’t love yourself,” is a great quote to live by. Simple changes from within can make a big difference. Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Be open to humor and know it’s okay to laugh and smile, not only does life become more enjoyable, but positive thinking is a great result from humor.
  2. Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and fueling your body correctly. Try to exercise at least three times per week it’s proven to be a great mood booster and help shed extra pounds that could be contributing to your lack of confidence.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who support you and make you feel like a great person.
  4. Practice positive self-talk by building yourself up and believing you can do anything.

Developing confidenceTruly confident people are comfortable in their skin and embrace the good with the bad. However, beware that arrogance portrays false sense of confidence and is an indicator that you might be overcompensating for low self-esteem. Be sincere and genuine and be gentle with yourself. These things don’t happen overnight. As Beverly Sills once said, “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.”

Confidence comes with practice, but it’s worth the fight and a great investment in your future. It will be hard at first, but practice makes perfect. No longer will you have to envy someone who you would like to become, instead be the person everyone admires. If you love yourself others will love you too no matter how many flaws you think you might have.


Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing for FrankCrum, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations. She manages marketing across all the FrankCrum companies. Angie enjoys boating, cooking and she especially loves being a mom.