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Recruiting Interns at an Internship Fair

Angie Garcia
by Angie Garcia on May 12, 2015

Internship FairRecruiting interns can be an extremely smart way to groom the best and the brightest for potential future employment. Internships are absolutely critical for students who are looking to gain experience in the working world: it provides them with an opportunity to explore a field or industry that’s of interest to them, and it gives them a taste of the responsibilities that come with real employment. For businesses, internships function as a chance for managers to “try before they buy.” It’s a great way to gauge real performance, and determine culture fit. So, if you’re considering recruiting interns at a college internship fair, then consider these following tips.

Know what you are looking for in an intern:Ideally, the point of an internship is to offer a student the chance to gain a worthwhile experience that might evolve into possible employment. So, with that in mind, you should keep your eye out for an intern who’s ready to work hard, can assume his or her own fair share of responsibilities and who’s also interested in working in your company’s field of expertise.

Type of College: Do you run service organization like a marketing or financial services company? Or maybe a construction contracting company that recruits project managers? Most colleges offer a range of majors, but some colleges (especially smaller ones) specialize in particular fields, like business or science. So, make sure that the college you’re recruiting interns from offers majors that are in line with your workforce needs.

During the internship fair: Internship fairs are typically large events that are hosted on a college campus. These events offer students the chance to chat with dozens of corporate representatives about potential internship opportunities. When choosing to attend a fair, it’s important to send a representative who will represent your company well and who understands how to explain the details of the company and the internship. Do some advanced planning to determine some creative ways to make your company stand out. From informational flyers to promotional swag and specialized displays, there are plenty of ways to make your company appealing to top candidates.

Clear outline: Be sure to clearly outline the role of the intern. Sometimes, if the internship position isn’t outlined in detail, students might not understand why it’s worthy of their time. Clearly outline exactly what the job will entail, and also describe the benefits too. Does the internship pay, and if not, do you at least offer some form of course credit? What will the intern learn while they’re on the job? Who will they interact with? How much time with they have to commit?

Recruiting smart, responsible interns can pay off for your business in the long term. And if you do wind up recruiting interns at an internship fair, make the most of the opportunity!


Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing for FrankCrum, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations. She manages marketing across all the FrankCrum companies. Angie enjoys boating, cooking and she especially loves being a mom.