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[Guide] A Business Owner's Guide to HR: Is There a Better Way?

by FrankCrum on February 4, 2016


A Business Owner's Guide to HRPicture this--another day goes by with check boxes unmarked on your "to-do" list because you spent most of the day on human resources tasks.

You're familiar with them: payroll issues and payroll reports, new employee onboarding, employee benefits, HR compliance problems, safety breaches, unemployment claims, the list goes on and on.

As a result, this distracts you from focusing on what matters most: growing your business. 

Regarding HR, there's lots of good information out there, but are you getting answers to the specific questions you really need answers to now?

Do the answers help you solve problems, or do they just create more work for you to do?

We have a new business owner's guide to HR that can help you get answers to some of the most difficult questions small- and mid-sized business owners face every day. A few of the questions include:

  • What sort of benefits package should I offer?

  • How can I handle workers’ compensation affordably?

  • How do I hire and retain the right people?

  • What is the best way to handle payroll and payroll reporting?

  • How can I stop worrying about employee discrimination lawsuits?

To learn more, click below to download your free guide:

A Business Owner's Guide to HR


FrankCrum is a professional employer organization (PEO), founded in 1981 dedicated to helping business owners boost HR capabilities and broaden convenient services and benefits to employees. The origin of FrankCrum dates back to 1981, when Frank W. Crum, Jr. and his father, Frank Crum, Sr., founded the Great American Temporary Service. With a passion for helping small business owners succeed, the company has evolved and grown over several decades.