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Why High Quality Content Matters

Angie Garcia
by Angie Garcia on June 3, 2015



Simply having a website these days is not enough to guarantee heavy online traffic. In fact, high quality content is key when it comes to maintaining a successful online presence. When a business features content on their site that’s useful, fun and original, that not only signifies that business’ commitment to its buyers, but it can also help them boost their search engine ranking too. Here are a few reasons why high-quality content matters for websites.

  • SEO Value: High quality content can help to increase a website’s search engine ranking. Search Engines like Google scan webpages for specific keywords that a user plugs in. So, for example, if a person types in the words “ payroll companies in Florida, ” then Google will search for websites that are deemed relevant to that search request. Aside from searching through websites that feature the terms in their content, Google also actively seeks out heavily trafficked sites that have web copy that’s relevant, original and well written. High quality content functions as a sort of affirmation of your expertise in the related subject matter—in other words, when a search engine finds your site and notices that your content is original, relevant and well written, then your site will be considered worthwhile and it’ll climb the search engine’s results page.
  • It Serves Your Buyers: High quality content, to put it simply, is all about serving your buyers with useful information. When you can offer content that makes things interesting, fun or helpful, it shows that you understand what your buyers like and need—especially the small details—and that will best serve your buyer’s.
  • It’s Easier To Find: One factor of quality when it comes to content is organization. Make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. You want visitors to be able to quickly browse through your site and find what they need. Make overall navigation easy, and users will feel encouraged to keep using your site.
  • It Keeps People Coming Back: High quality content is, generally speaking, pretty useful. Content that’s well written will be informative, and the more useful the content, the higher the possibility that users will feel the need to keep coming back to the site.

High quality content takes time to create, but the benefits are worth it. From increasing SEO ranking to helping more buyers, high quality content can help a business tremendously with its online presence—it’s definitely something businesses shouldn’t overlook.


Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing for FrankCrum, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations. She manages marketing across all the FrankCrum companies. Angie enjoys boating, cooking and she especially loves being a mom.