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Leadership: From Good to Great

Angie Garcia
by Angie Garcia on July 10, 2012

Most people want to achieve greatness in their field of work and strive to snag a top management position. It takes experience, knowledge, ability and loyalty to be considered. Not everyone is a born leader and offering the complete package is crucial to earning a leadership position. So what are the characteristics of a great leader and what approach is needed to be considered for a coveted position?


It is not enough to only achieve success by reaching your personal goals. Instead, look ahead and focus on empowering those around you to become successful as well. When others see improvement in light of your presence they will take notice.

Giving Back

When co-workers have questions no matter what the subject, being the “go to” person is highly beneficial. It showcases your knowledge and promotes your ability to help others solve a problem.


Always show your appreciation and recognize the efforts of those around you. Stepping on others or trying to take all the credit is the wrong approach and will only reflect a negative light on you. Managers are people who truly care about their employees and realize it’s a team effort.

Team Focus

Having a team mentality is one of the most important traits of being a leader. You must be able to bring others together and recognize the skills that fit best. Recognizing others strengths and weaknesses is a must in management, but knowing where and how to use them is what will make you great.

“True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders.” (J. Sakiya Sandifer)


When you are at work, your job should be the most important role in your life. Never settle for average. Leaders are people who love to be challenged and will rise to any occasion to complete tasks, and complete them well. It’s easy to spot someone who doesn’t care about the work they are doing. If you don’t care why should anyone else?


Arrogance is not a coveted trait and furthermore people don’t respect those who are conceited. If you want others to work hard for you and show respect put yourself on their level and make them feel cared for and appreciated.


This characteristic comes with a very fine line attached. You must be able to take risks and not be afraid of failure. With that said it’s also important to possess the common sense to recognize the situation for what it is and understand boundaries. Companies are looking to push forward and grow to meet the ever changing needs of people. Forward thinking individuals are what they are looking for, but with common sense to match.

Understanding these traits and putting them into practice is beneficial whether or not you’re looking to be promoted. Also, know what advancement opportunities are available to you and if a company believes in promoting from within. Strive to be the kind of employee that embodies the qualities of a great role model whom people respect. The right attitude is everything and the rest will fall into place.

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." (Franklin Roosevelt)

Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing for FrankCrum, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations. She manages marketing across all the FrankCrum companies. Angie enjoys boating, cooking and she especially loves being a mom.