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Workers' Compensation

[Infographic] Keep It Safe in the Workplace

Greg Andress
by Greg Andress on August 27, 2015


keep_it_safeDo you know what impact workplace accidents have on your business? On a national scale, more than 3 million workplace injuries occur each year, costing U.S. businesses nearly $250 million. Even one injury can have a lasting impact on a business and on a person's life. The stakes are high, so it pays to create a safe working environment. Is yours up to par? 

This infographic illustrates some insightful statistics on the impact of injuries, the biggest sources of them, and ways to create a safer work environment so you can "Keep It Safe." Creating a safe working environment is good business.

Some quick facts: 

  • Being proactive in creating a safe workplace can yield up to a $6.15 return on each dollar invested
  • A $1,000 claim can potentially cost over $5,000
  • Workers can be affected financially, socially and emotionally
  • People die in workplace accidents: on average, there are 12 deaths per day in the U.S.

Check out our infographic to learn more about injuries in the U.S. workforce, plus ways to help prevent them.


Greg Andress
Greg Andress

Greg Andress, Director of Risk Management Services for Frank Winston Crum Insurance, is a 30+ veteran of the insurance industry who has spent more than 20 years in risk management/loss control. With clients in many industries, Greg has developed proactive loss control programs, training materials and technical bulletins; and delivered training for hundreds of clients nationwide to help them understand how they can identify and control their total cost of loss.