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[Video] PEO vs. Payroll Services -- What Employers Need to Know

Sarah Tupper
by Sarah Tupper on August 25, 2015

There are many preconceived notions about payroll software fixing all of a business owner’s payroll problems. Sarah Tupper, Vice President of Sales, talks about the difference between using a PEO and Payroll software.

With payroll software, coding errors and other complexities can occur; not to mention the other tasks that still require your attention, such as:

  • I-9 forms, W4s, W2s
  • 941 and 940 tax reporting
  • Minimum wage changes
  • Paid leave law updates
  • Inadvertent overpay or underpay for employee withholdings

As Sarah says, the lists go on and on, and at the end of the day, you, the business owner, are responsible for making sure it all gets done on time, every time. If your payroll software isn’t simplifying your business, consider your options with a PEO and see the difference it can make in your business model.



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Sarah Tupper
Sarah Tupper

Sarah Tupper, Vice President of Direct Sales, leads the Direct Sales team at FrankCrum with a unique blend of experience in sales, corporate training and motivational speaking. Prior to FrankCrum, Sarah was a corporate trainer for 13 years.