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How a PEO Can Help a Small Company Compete With a Larger One

Mike Oddo
by Mike Oddo on January 28, 2015

Small business owners are the drivers of business strategy and vitality, but typically they also have to fill a variety of different roles to make their company tick on a daily basis. Oftentimes, they are pulled into tasks associated with payroll, benefits, and HR issues.

Handling a wide range of these tasks can be distracting from the priority that business owners are uniquely positioned for attracting new customers and growing the business. For a small business that’s trying to compete with larger competitors with a dedicated HR staff, limited resources and lack of focus can hinder future growth. If a small business operates without a large HR staff, but wants to compete with larger companies, working with a PEO is a smart option.

PEOs provide a wide range of HR services that few small businesses can perform well in do-it-yourself mode. FrankCrum can supplement existing HR staff resources or fully assume an array of HR functions, including payroll processing, payroll tax administration benefits and 401K administration, unemployment claims management, and other crucial HR services. FrankCrum’s online payroll system makes it easy for employees to gain access to their payroll information and request/monitor their paid-time-off (PTO), thus saving a business owner both time and money when it comes to being an employer. This frees them up to focus on the future of the business.

FrankCrum is an example of a PEO that offers extensive HR advice and consultation through a service called FrankAdvice. A team of specialists with expertise in all aspects of HR administration and law guide leaders through specific HR challenges and legal issues. This enables small business owners to avoid costly litigation that can put a business at risk. HR laws are often convoluted and they can change with little notice, so having access to experts who stay on top of all of these changes can be very beneficial.

By having a PEO like FrankCrum handle your payroll and HR, small businesses can reduce their overhead costs to increase the company’s profit margins. This gives business owners an opportunity to allocate the additional resources and profits to present a more competitive product or service compared to larger companies, while increasing overall sales volumes.

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Mike Oddo
Mike Oddo

Mike Oddo, Vice President of Broker Sales, is responsible for FrankCrum’s extensive network of internal broker managers, independent agents and PEO brokers nationwide. He has a wealth of experience and success in channel sales development, fostering prosperous relationships for agents and their clients. Mike has been instrumental in the design and ongoing improvement of FrankCrum’s user-friendly quoting platform Quote & Connect, as well as commission structures and innovative sales support programs. He and his team of sales support representatives play a very active role in supporting agents and brokers in the sales process on a daily basis.