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Summer Fun in the Business Sun: My Time as a Marketing Intern

Majo Amundaray
by Majo Amundaray on August 8, 2017

MajoblogFc_edited.jpgAs a college student, you always hear about how important internships are for real-world experience in the field you’re studying. Now that I’ve experienced one, I couldn’t agree more. During my summer internship at FrankCrum, I dabbled in marketing, advertising, video production, writing, and social media. The realm of business requires creativity, deep thinking and hard work. I feel more prepared for my future because of my summer internship at FrankCrum.

Because I had never met my boss or coworkers before, it was difficult to imagine the kind of relationship I would form with them. I received the warmest welcome. They thought of everything - down to the smallest details like the heart-shaped mousepad on my desk, which they had arranged a few feet away from theirs, so I would not miss a second of the action. Their friendly and approachable attitudes set a comfortable tone, and I knew I would not be apprehensive about asking questions or giving my opinions when appropriate. There is no doubt this quality of the marketing team played a significant role in why I learned so much during my internship. 

To say I was naïve about the world of business before my internship is an understatement. I didn’t even know the basics, let alone the ins and outs of a national, multi-faceted enterprise like FrankCrum. When I first learned about what the company does for their clients as part of a Professional Employer Organization, I couldn’t believe how complex it was. Once I realized the company partnered with businesses all over the country, the weight of responsibility the marketing team carried became even heavier in my eyes.

Collaboration was the name of their game. The amount of ongoing projects the marketing team juggled at one time – and the way they did it all together was both surprising and refreshing. After learning more about their campaign strategies, I felt privileged and eager to contribute. During my internship, I spent time with FrankCrum’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Brand Journalist and VP of Marketing. In my short time with this marketing team, I completed the following assignments:

  • Executed an advertising campaign for a local newsletter
  • Learned the process of developing and writing blog and email campaigns while implementing keyword research
  • Developed a social media strategy

I was able to view statistics for current and previous campaigns, which allowed me to analyze and manage social content. I never knew how much you could learn from tracking website visits. I was also able to translate and voice a demonstration video for FrankCrum’s clients. On the branding side, I compiled options for promotional materials and presented them to the Sales Team.

The most exciting project I participated in had to be the filming of a commercial for FrankCrum’s human resource information system. The commercial was shot in downtown St. Petersburg at The Oyster Bar and the areas surrounding it. It was awesome to experience this type of television production, as I have certainly never been a part of any live action. This was definitely the most fun part of my internship – although the monthly birthday celebration with free gelato was a close second!

My time as an intern at FrankCrum allowed me to think through what I might want to do with my future. Although I enjoyed pieces of all the different tasks I learned, I think I’d like to focus on campaign strategy creation and execution on my career path. I fell in love with the idea of starting out with a small thought, developing it into a campaign idea, then watching it grow into a piece of marketing collateral.

I am thankful for my time with the FrankCrum marketing team, and know I will utilize the skills and experiences I gained during my marketing internship in my future.

Majo Amundaray
Majo Amundaray

I’m a University of Florida Junior majoring in marketing. I believe a focus in marketing will allow me to utilize my strong business sense to help develop, implement, and distribute a promotional strategy for the company I end up representing. I consider myself a fast learner who can quickly adapt and I thrive in a team environment where every member has equal contribution. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and hanging at the beach.