Majo Amundaray

Majo Amundaray
I’m a University of Florida Junior majoring in marketing. I believe a focus in marketing will allow me to utilize my strong business sense to help develop, implement, and distribute a promotional strategy for the company I end up representing. I consider myself a fast learner who can quickly adapt and I thrive in a team environment where every member has equal contribution. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and hanging at the beach.

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Summer Fun in the Business Sun: My Time as a Marketing Intern

Posted by Majo Amundaray on Aug 8, 2017 1:53:58 PM

As a college student, you always hear about how important internships are for real-world experience in the field you’re studying. Now that I’ve experienced one, I couldn’t agree more. During my summer internship at FrankCrum, I dabbled in marketing, advertising, video production, writing, and social media. The realm of business requires creativity, deep thinking and hard work. I feel more prepared for my future because of my summer internship at FrankCrum.

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