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FrankCrum Launches New Website

by FrankCrum on August 5, 2013

FrankCrum is excited to announce the launch of its new website designed as a resource for small to medium size businesses: This site features a new design and helps to guide business owners and leaders by offering solutions to some of their most cumbersome challenges: staying focused on customers, attracting and retaining great employees, avoiding business risks, staying compliant with employment laws and achieving smooth and efficient HR and payroll operations.

Home Page Screen ShotThe new site has a wealth of resources for understanding the Affordable Care Act, along with useful tools to help business owners determine how to comply. The “Pay or Provide” calculator takes visitors through an easy Q & A experience that helps determine whether employers need to offer group health insurance and whether they will face a penalty if they do not. The site also features calculation tools to assist in determining a company’s size as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

“FrankCrum’s new website was designed with a specific audience in mind: the small to medium size business owner,” said Angie Garcia, VP of Marketing. “We want to fuel business leaders with insightful information that can help them improve and grow their business.”

“For more than 30 years, FrankCrum has been successful in helping business owners tackle some of their tough challenges, especially in the areas of HR, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance,” said Frank W. Crum, Jr., President of FrankCrum. “Our new website enables us to easily publish content to keep employers informed and to suggest ways that we can support their business advancement.”



FrankCrum is a professional employer organization (PEO), founded in 1981 dedicated to helping business owners boost HR capabilities and broaden convenient services and benefits to employees. The origin of FrankCrum dates back to 1981, when Frank W. Crum, Jr. and his father, Frank Crum, Sr., founded the Great American Temporary Service. With a passion for helping small business owners succeed, the company has evolved and grown over several decades.