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Top 2 Work-Culture Factors to Consider for Retaining Top Talent

by FrankCrum on March 24, 2017

Work From Home.jpgFrank Winston Crum President, Matt Crum, shares his thoughts with The Business Journals on the work-culture factors to consider in hiring and retaining top talent.  

Below is an excerpt of the article:

As I recruit talented staff, I hear more and more references to changing work culture and generational preferences, many of which revolve around time flexibility and working from home.

These aren’t new concepts, nor are they limited to millennials. 

Many employers have been grappling with the best ways to recruit and retain the best employees for a number of years.

Perhaps the time is right to examine the pros and cons of these two issues from both the employee and employer points of view.

1. Working from home


For employees, this can be either a long-term preference or a more situational one.

In the latter case, a parent may choose to work from home to be with children or other family members until the need passes. In the longer term, employees may just prefer the informality and comfort of working from home, or not having to commute to the office.

Employers may find their costs are lower with remote staff, reducing the need for office space and furnishings. They may also gain an edge in recruiting good staff interested in working from home.


Read the whole article here: 2 work-culture factors to consider for hiring and retaining top talent



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