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Annual HEP School Supply Drive Delivered for Kids

by FrankCrum on August 5, 2021

Our annual school supply drive for the benefit of the Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP) was an overwhelming success again this year. FrankCrum staffers collected hundreds of pounds of backpacks, markers, notebooks, calculators, and more.

“Back to school is an exciting time for students, but can be devastating for parents who don’t have the means to purchase the supplies their child needs to begin the school year," HEP Marketing Director Rebecca Adams told me. "We are so grateful to FrankCrum and its staff for stepping in to make sure the children at HEP get back to class fully prepared! With the help of their donated school supplies, it’s one less financial burden homeless and low-income families have to worry about while fighting for a better future for their kids.” 

A representative from HEP hauled off the supply cache on Fri., July 30, but we snapped a few pictures before.

FWCI HEP driveThe well-organized teams from FWCI, Claims, and FCIA Commercial collected/donated an astounding amount of stuff!

Agency Manager Shelly Schnur meticulously cataloged the donations from FWCI, Claims, and FCIA Commercial. In all, these staffers donated:

•    49 backpacks
•    56 scientific calculators
•    66 earbuds (in-ear headphones)
•    52 Crayola crayons
•    41 1 subject notebooks
•    73 pencil sharpeners 

Congrats to all of you! Well done!

hep backpacks

Jasmine Rodriguez and the Benefits Department pitched in with assorted backpacks, markers and the like.

jocelyn hep

Payroll Coordinator Denise Brokaw Helms's granddaughter, Jocelyn (aka “Boo Bear”), decided to use her own money to donate to the HEP School Drive (right).

When Department 4 heard about Boo Bear’s generosity, they decided to pitch in and help her make a difference. Hat’s off to all involved in getting school supplies to kids in need!



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