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Workers' Compensation

FWCI's President Discusses Workers' Comp for Plumbing Businesses

by FrankCrum on January 25, 2016


Matt-Crum.jpgMatt Crum, President of Frank Winston Crum Insurance and Co. Founder of the FrankCrum Insurance Agency, was recently interviewed for Plumber Magazine on if plumbing businesses needs Workers' Comp insurance. 

In this interview, Matt talks about what Workers' Comp coverage is necessary for employees, how rates are determined, and how you can save money on your premiums. 

Below is an excerpt from the article: 

What often gets lost in discussions of workers’ comp is that it is insurance against lawsuits as well as unforeseen expenses. 

Business owners wouldn’t dream of “going bare” without vehicle or personal property insurance, but may not realize that workers’ comp is another form of insurance that allows them to function even in the face of major injury and potential liability costs.

And with that in mind, let’s take a look at some questions and misconceptions plumbing contractors may have about their coverage.

Q: Is workers’ comp insurance required in the state(s) in which you operate?

A: Although most states require coverage, in other states it may be up to the employer to elect to have it.

However, even when employers choose to purchase private insurance instead of workers’ compensation insurance, that does not eliminate the possibility of an employee suing the employer – a situation that does not exist when coverage is provided through workers’ compensation insurance.

Read the whole interview here: Does Your Plumbing Business Need Workers' Comp Insurance?



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