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Farid Nagji Appointed to Executive VP of Operations and Technology

Jaime Moore
by Jaime Moore on August 7, 2019

FrankCrum is pleased to announce the appointment of Farid Nagji to the role of Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology.Farid will direct the technology vision across the FrankCrum companies, making strategic decisions around emerging technologies, ensuring efficient delivery of systems, establishing and running effective technology operations and helping define business strategy.

Farid comes to us from our very own Frank Winston Crum Insurance Company, where he has been working on a contract basis to lead several key initiatives including the development of a new technology platform called Winston. Winston will support the business decision to bring all of policy issuance functions in-house rather than outsource them to an outside vendor. Now for the first time, FWCI will have proprietary technology that performs everything from quoting, binding, and servicing policies, in addition to policy issuance and administration.  

In Farid’s previous roles, he excelled at translating innovative ideas into adaptable, scalable and secure IT solutions to drive profitability and growth. He has a reputation for excellence in implementing workflows and processes to improve operations.

Farid says, “I am thrilled to be a part of FrankCrum, and to have the opportunity to serve alongside our client-focused teams.”

Matt Crum, FrankCrum’s Vice President says, "Farid brings global experience and vast technical knowledge to help form our technology vision for the future. His appointment aligns with our commitment to make technology a very high priority at FrankCrum. He is a proven leader who has already exhibited his ability to execute on complex technology strategies, and ultimately to improve and grow the business. I am very pleased that Farid now officially calls the FrankCrum companies his work home.”

Jaime Moore
Jaime Moore

Jaime Moore is a Brand Journalist for FrankCrum. She has more than 10 years of experience in journalism, writing and communications. Her focus is on writing about the challenges small businesses face. In her spare time, Jaime enjoys vacationing in the mountains, watching movies and spending time with her children.

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